About Us

Following an increasing number of horrible sexual assaults and murders taking place around Australia, a Melbourne mum who was worried about the safety of her daughter decided to take action.

The Safety Pin has been designed to be easily clipped onto your collar or clothing, and when removed in a threatening situation, it makes a loud 100db noise.

Preventing and eliminating assault is the responsibility of the perpetrator who chooses to be violent. However while there are criminals who continue to use violent behaviour, The Safety Pin provides a level of deterrence should you encounter such an offender.

A horrible part about sexual assault is the incidence of Tonic Immobility - a normal psychological response that leaves people essentially paralysed in the midst of sexual assault. While many of us believe we would fight back and scream, studies have shown 70% of victims succumb to this involuntary psychological response. 

In essence, The Safety Pin will scream for you when you may not have the ability.

It's not about being scared at every turn, or living in fear, but just taking a simple precaution. Just as you lock your car or home, it's as simple as keeping a Safety Pin in your bag and just clipping it on at times when your safety might be compromised. 

Our goal is that one day the Safety Pin will not be necessary, but unfortunately for now, it's a must.